If You Want to Study in Spain- University Admissions Test

Spain's University Foundation- Universidad.es published the following information for US students interested in applying to Spanish universities for undergrad studies. Have a look:

The Spanish university admission examination (PAAU, or "selectividad") is the admission examination for students who have completed secondary education in a country outside the European Union (UE), Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein, or China.


It is organized by the Spain's University of Distance Education (UNED) and the entrance exam is structured as follows:


I) General part: four exercises (Text Commentary in the Spanish Language and Literature, History of Philosophy or History of Spain (chosen by the student), Foreign Language (either German, French, English, Italian or Portuguese) and a subject to be chosen by the student related to the university degree that he/she wishes to study (artistic, social, technical, etc).

II) Specialist part: This part of the exam is voluntary. It includes at least two subjects and allows students to improve their university entrance mark.

You will find information on venues, dates and registration periods at the website of Spain's University of Distance Education, UNED www.uned.es

For more information on obtaining official recognition of foreign academic qualifications ("homologación" and "convalidación") please consult the website of the Ministry of Education: www.mepsyd.es